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1.1. This promotion is organized by the Tourism Institute of Spain (TOURSPAIN) and Reisegiganten (Restplass.no)
1.2. This promotion will consist of a contest concerning questions about the Balearic Islands.
1.3. The contest starts the 05 th of February and will end the 01 th of March 2020.
1.4. Participants shall submit a text with a maximum length of 100 words. The text
submitted must be original and its author shall renounce to all the rights over the
content. This content shall not have negative, abusive or offensive material.
1.5. Each contestant can only participate once. Using a fake identity will lead to
1.6. TOURSPAIN and Reisegiganten reserve the right to remove contributions without prior
1.7. Reisegiganten and TOURSPAIN and particularly the Spanish Tourism Office in Oslo
(Spanias Turistkontor Arbinsgate 2, N-0253 Oslo reserve the right to choose the
winner of the prize at their own discretion.
1.8. The winner will be contacted no later than the end of Week 10 by e-mail as long as it is
possible and requiring. If considered appropriate, proof of identity and/or of age will
be required.
1.9. If the winner does not respond to the notification with a period of 4 days from the
date of the notification, TOURSPAIN/ RESTPLASS reserve the right to select an
alternative winner as being worthy of the prize or to declare the prize null and void.
1.10. The winner and the companion, both shall have a valid passport and any other
documents required so as travel and health insurance.
2.1 The prize will consist of a voucher which has to be used for a trip for two people to Spain,
valued in 5.000 NOK. The voucher will be delivered before 15 th of March 2020.
2.1. The enjoyment of the prize will be before December 2020.
2.2. The prize cannot be exchanged for a monetary alternative. Should a winner, for any
reason, not make use of a prize, said winner will not receive any alternative prize or
monetary compensation.
2.3. The prize is personal, non-transferable, non-saleable, non-interchangeable or
2.4. Reisegiganten and TOURSPAIN’s undertaking commitment concerning prize-giving shall
thereupon cease when prizes are to be given to the winners of the contest.
2.5. The Spanish Tourist Boards and Reisegiganten are not responsible for the non-included
expenses in the prize such as food and beverage, transport, transfer, relocation,
insurance taxes and other private expenses.
2.6. TOURSPAIN/ Reisegiganten accept no liability for any accident, robbery or theft that may

occur during the course of the trip

2.7. TOURSPAIN/ Resisegiganten accept no liability for technical errors, network errors,
electronic, computer, hardware or software failures, inappropriate transmission or
non-receipt of participation information by TOURSPAIN /Restplass due to technical
problems, network problems or others.
2.8. TOURSPAIN/ Reisegiganten will not be liable for the inability to contact the winner due to
a wrong or incomplete email address provided on the form of the webpage used for
the promotion or either because its email address has not been checked, deleted or it

is configured to classify as spam the mails received from TOURSPAIN.

2.9. Any doubt or comment relating to the content or use of this promotion should be
addressed by e-mail to: [email protected]
3.1. This promotion is only addressed and restricted to individuals residing in Norway and
who are considered to be of adult age (at least 18 years).
3.2. TOURSPAIN/ Restplass reserve the right to verify the eligibility of all of the
participants and their participations during the promotion or once it´s finished, it
being possible for this to be sufficient reason for the modification of rankings or the
list of winners.
In addition, the identity and legal residence of the contestants could be proved by
means of trustworthy official documents (national ID card, passport, driving license,
residence permit, etc).
3.3. The participations and the services offered by TOURSPAIN/ RESTPLASS in the
promotion are, in principle and unless otherwise indicated, free.
3.4. The following persons may not participate in the competition:
 Employees of companies involved or associated with the competition
(including TOURSPAIN/ RESTPLASS or companies associated with TOURSPAIN/
 Relatives or members of the families of said employees.
3.5. Participation in the present promotion implies knowledge of and acceptance of the
present conditions established. Access to the promotion implies the full and
unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the regulations included in these
Conditions at the time at which the User accesses the application.
3.6. Non-compliance of any contestant with the terms of the contract will lead to the
automatic avoidance of its participation. Likewise, TOURSPAIN/ RESTPLASS reserves
the right to dismiss these participations – so as to declare null those that had resulted
as winner of the prize – which in their judgement could show signs of false indication
or identity, abuse or scam, and including but not limiting, automatic participations
through third parties, participations with incomplete, false or inaccurate information,
indiscriminate participation from the same device and organized or professionalized
participation that may place at risk the purposes of the promotion so as the equally of
all contestants.
3.7. TOURSPAIN/ RESTPLASS reserve the right to modify, suspend or cancel the promotion
on the basis of need should a just cause occur and to declare the competition null

and void in the event that there are insufficient participants to develop it (less than

100 participants). Any suspension, cancellation or modification will be announced
through the promotion’s web page.
3.8. The winner of the promotion allow TOURSPAIN/ RESTPLASS to capture and replicate
through any media their image (including name and image), due the occasion of
winner of the promotion, understanding the hereby authorization the capture, use,
reproduction, publication, transformation and public communication (as availability
to public) of their image and name in any manner or medium, including by way of
illustration in audio-visual, press or printed media, radio, internet, social media, etc.
4.1. The personal data provided by the Participants will be included into a file owned by
TOURSPAIN, addressed in Poeta Joan Maragall, 41, 28071 Madrid. The person
responsible for processing the personal data of the Participants is TOURSPAIN which
will use the data for the following purposes:
4.1.1. Managing the Participants in the Promotions (including competitions) conducted
by the Organiser for the sole purpose of fulfilling the Promotion in accordance
with Legal Terms.
4.1.2. Send those Participants who have opted to receive correspondence the relevant

tourist information.

4.2. The personal details of the Participants will not be transferred to third parties unless
under legal obligation. Details will only be accessed by the service providers of the
Organiser who are located within the European Economic Area (EEA).
4.3. Participants may at any point exercise their rights to access, rectify, delete or transfer
their details by contacting the Organiser through the following email address
[email protected]r.es
4.4. TOURSPAIN undertakes to handle the personal data supplied in the strictest
confidence and in compliance with the purposes indicated in these Conditions, by
adopting the technical and organizational measures needed to ensure the data
protection and avoiding loss, change, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into
account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to
which it is exposed, in compliance with the provisions established.
4.5. To request further details about the recipients of your personal data, please email
[email protected]  indicating information of which specific data treatment recipients
you would like details of.
5.1. Unless prohibited by law, all the issues and doubts concerning the interpretation,
validity and performance of the present terms and conditions, so as the rights and
liabilities of the participant and TOURSPAIN related to the promotion, shall be
governed and interpreted in conformity to the Spanish common law, with the
omission of any conflict-of-law rule or law choice that would make apply the laws
from a different place. Unless prohibited by law, the Courts of Madrid will be the ones
competent to solve the conflicts, claims and causes arising out to or related to the

promotion hereof.

6.1. The fiscal consequences deriving from the prize, as well as other expenses deriving
therefrom, will be for the account of the winner unless otherwise specified.
7.1. All Participants in the Promotion grant the Organiser unrestricted rights to the
Content, (in its entirety or in part), free or fee-based, for the maximum period
applicable in conformity with the Legal Terms, including sub-licensing and/or usage by
third parties. This includes by way of example, the rights of replication, distribution,
public communication, availability and transformation. This includes the rights to the
Participants’ image – including names/sound, for subsequent usage in any format
(including but not limited to audiovisual, print, sound and/or for usage via digital
media formats, television, books and catalogues, Internet, social networks, computer
applications and/or databases) in conjunction with the Promotion. Upon accepting
the Prize, each of the winners grants the Organiser the Contents’ intellectual,
industrial and image ownership rights, including their name and/or
audiovisual/sound, for the incorporation thereof to any national or international
commercial or promotional activities conducted by the Organiser, in any form, media
or platform (including print, radio, television, mobile telephone and Internet).
7.2. The conditions outlined in this clause will be free of charge, and will not incur any
additional compensation, other than that of the Prize awarded to the winning
7.3. The Organiser will not be responsible for the breach of any third-party rights made by

the Participants as a result of their participation in the Promotion.